Eric and Margaret McCaughren- Zambia

Eric McCaughran was one of the founding elders of what was then Dunclug Gospel Hall (now Hillside). He and his wife Margaret were both teachers, in Ballymena Technical College, and Cambridge House Girls School, until, over twenty years ago, the Lord called them to serve him in Angola, in central Africa.


They first spent some years in Portugal, learning the language and serving the Lord through preaching and teaching, mainly in the north of the country. Civil war delayed their departure for Angola longer than they first expected, but eventually the way opened up for them to live in the capital, Luanda, where they worked tirelessly in extremely difficult circumstances for some thirteen years.

In 2005, the Lord guided Eric and Margaret to relocate to Kitwe, in the Zambian copperbelt. Eric engages in Bible teaching for church elders, both at special conferences and in regular monthly Bible studies.

He also ministers to students in three local colleges, for secondary school teachers, nurses and those following vocational training.

Margaret teaches some Biology classes in the nearby Amano Christian School. She also enjoys taking a small group of teenage girls every Friday afternoon for crafts and a Bible lesson, in addition to a children’s Good News Club every Saturday morning.


Nat & Jennifer Rodgers- Norway

Another of our founder elders, Nat Rodgers, and his wife Jennifer, now live in the south east of Norway, in Skien (pronounced Shane), the capital of the famous county of Telemark. It has a population of 50,000.

They have had their home there since 1982 when they left Ballymena with their two daughters, Lynne and Louise (then aged 9 & 6). Nat is involved in local church leadership, but also travels to churches out on the coastal areas of the south and west of Norway, encouraging and teaching God’s Word.

The prison ministry in Skien, where he leads Bible Studies, gives him opportunities to meet and share in the lives of foreign as well as Norwegian prisoners. Family and ski camps also keep them both busy.

Jennifer is involved in the local church activities and in hospitality, opening her home for a weekly international women’s Bible study.

Our missionaries to Norway now have two Norwegian sons-in-law, Andreas and Geir, and four grandsons – Filip, Jonathan, Kristian and Leon.